About The Institute for Cultivating Life

The Institute for Cultivating Life, LLC is a specialized consulting company that brings value to its' clients through a new concept business model to promote personal, professional & business growth.

Ginny Gay

Founder & President

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About Ginny

Hi, I'm Ginny Gay and I'm the Founder and President of The Institute for Cultivating Life, LLC.


I currently work as a consultant in the following areas: content creation and curriculum development customized for adult learning environments, copywriting, sales and marketing. My specific focus as a copywriter is on writing articles for publication, blog posts, sales pages, and email marketing campaigns. I also manage business social media accounts, with a specific focus on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In addition, I collaborate with business owners to create strategies and tactics to grow their business.


I have a Bachelor's degree in Education from The University of Mississippi and I am a teacher at heart. My career has equipped me with a unique combination of professional writing and curriculum development skills and I also have an extensive background in sales and marketing.


In the 14 years prior to my most recent business endeavors, I worked within numerous therapeutic areas of the pharmaceutical industry, excelling in the positions of sales representative, sales training representative, manager of sales training and development and regional sales manager.


In addition to my diverse skills as a writer, my expertise is in the strategic planning, design, and leadership of winning sales, marketing, and business development programs. My strengths lie in my organizational and problem-solving abilities as well as my ability to build customer partnerships and long-term sales relationships in highly competitive marketplaces and across diverse market segments.


My expertise is focused on innovative and highly effective practices in the areas of leadership, coaching and business development.